About Us

Food always serves as the perfect choice for giving everyone a warm welcome. Be it family, friends, distant relatives or strangers, we all want impress with our culinary skills. And which other place feels more perfect to do it than the kitchen.

It’s simply a sacred place where delicious meals and beautiful stories are shared. We gather, engage, and embrace around the table drenched in the beautiful aroma as it fills up the air.

Every stir of emotion and the cream of our smiles tightens the bond amongst us. The feeling is unexplainable and we put every effort to perfect it. For the kitchen is where the soul of the home lives.


Kicheny is the home of the best product reviews for improving your kitchen. We cover utensils, tools, gadgets, furniture, and more. Our mission is to do the dirty work so that you can make the right choice.

Trust us, we learned the hard way after purchasing blenders that failed 4 times in a row. After that experience, we decided to get our hands dirty to cover the gap. For what consumers need is information for making the right purchase decisions.

Here’s how:

We conduct rigorous tests in reviewing products. Our process is based on the following simple methodology:

  • Ease of use
  • Features
  • Pros and cons
  • Price

We also put into consideration user reviews while preparing our articles. What’s more, we provide answers to frequently asked questions by customers like you.

Each of our comparison reviews has a buyer’s guide. Its tidbits are what you need to consider before swiping your card. After all, we don’t want you to have our nasty experience with blenders.

But, for what purpose?

Since we do the heavy lifting, our aim is to ensure that you pick the best. No mumbo jumbo. It’s the only way to not only save time but also get value for money.


Melisa Elly

Melisa Elly

Melisa Elly is a PR specialist from the United States. She’s a passionate writer and loves to cook. Spending time with her 5 year-old son is what she does best. Her other hobbies include hiking, biking, and swimming.
Chris Marker

Chris Marker

Chris Marker is a telecom engineering graduate from Austria. Even though tech comes first, he holds the kitchen dear to his heart. He’s currently pursuing a masters in computer networking. When not in class, he loves to travel, drive, and of course, write.
Nana Kassim

Nana Kassim

Nana Kassim is an Indian native that’s currently living in the United States. She has deep ties with her culture that’s known for exquisite culinary skills. While cooking is natural, Nana prefers to write as part of documenting her life’s experiences.
Daniel Craigs

Daniel Craigs

Daniel Craigs is an arts and communications graduate from Canada. He likes to play with complex jargon and analyze literature. Other than writing, he loves movies, plays, and photography. You can find him watching birds at the park during his free time.